Friday, April 15, 2011

One Year Later...

Photography by Mckenzie
Tomorrow is our first anniversary!

We've had a beautiful year full of lots of love. A few of the highlights:

A perfect wedding day!
Honeymoon to Mexico. We love the BEACH and SUNSHINE! (not so much the sunburns)
Danny's 27th birthday in El Quilete. Lola the parrot stole his wristband entrance back into our hotel.
Friday night dates
Summer camping trips (I think Danny liked these a bit more than me)
Danny gave me a PIANO for my 28th birthday!
Lana and Brandon's wedding... photographing and celebrating! Trip to St George with Ruth.
Catching neighborhood drug dealers in our own backyard. (Danny definitely liked this better than me!)
An addition to our family... our puppy, DOLLY! She's such a cute little stinker;)
Decorating, organizing, redecorating, still organizing...
Lots of trips to the DI (thrift store) together
Park City with the Johnsons
Danny threw me a "retirement" party when I quit CTMH
Danny's company Christmas party. (Oops I did it again... karaoke queen, right here)
Our first Christmas
Steph and John's wedding
Season tickets to the local community theater
Danny attempting to teach me to ski
Everyday moments just spending time together
Looking forward to our trip to El Salvador this summer
Good things to come...

Of course we had our fair share of challenges too... but we've made it through them together. I am so grateful for my Danny and for our many blessings. I love you more Danny;) Happy Anniversary!

We failed miserably at catching up with thank you notes. I'm so embarrassed. To all of you who helped make our day beautiful and shared so much with us... THANK YOU! Your kindness was truly not overlooked. We appreciate your generosity and love so much.

With Love,


Jenee said...

That's a gorgeous picture! Isn't marriage the best! (even with the struggles). I love this post!

Tessa said...

Congrats on 1 Year Lynley! That's a beautiful wedding picture and I'm happy for your happiness:)

Ali said...

Congratulations Lynley! :)

Becky said...