Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Daydreaming...

I wish I had owned a better camera when I went to Paris. While the local carnival ferris wheel and merry-go-round are quite charming, I must say I wouldn't mind returning to visit the ones in the heart of Paris. I also wouldn't mind visiting Paris in the Spring or Summer... Christmas in Paris was oh-so-charming, but also bitterly cold! Sadly, I really don't know what I could eat there anymore. Um... fish, fruit, and salad I guess. Good enough, but boy would I miss the bread and cheese!

So today I'll just daydream...

I'm spending the afternoon in Paris with Danny and Dolly today! (Dogs are allowed almost everywhere here!) I'm wearing a fashionable little summer dress and have all the energy in the world to roam the streets and see the sites! With camera in hand I pause to shoot every beautiful detail in sight. We stop at a little cafe and I order a Croque Monsieur (bread, cheese, eggs and all!) I feel wonderful! I sit and take it all in, just thinking how happy and lucky I am to be there. We have plenty of time to see the sites, visit the museums, and do a bit of shopping too. Ah... what a lovely day... (dream)!

With Love,

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Stephanie said...

Can I come too? :) I'd love to see Paris in the spring or fall this time around. AND, I'd definitely be smart and wear better shoes this time so we could go see all of Versailles (and spend a lot more time walking around the Louvre).