Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Fun!

The carnival is a magical place. A place where a two year old can sit in a REAL LIFE fire truck, drive a hot pink boat, ride a rooster, and swing HIGH IN THE SKY! You better believe it was loud and stinky and there were some rather strange people there, but you just can't pass up on all of that carnival fun!

Brett and Jeni and I tried to take Mauri to the carnival earlier in the day, but the rides weren't running yet.  I've never seen her so disappointed. We tried taking her to an indoor merry-go-round but it just wasn't the same, I guess she had her heart set on the full carnival experience! Needless to say, later that night Jeni and Danny and I escorted Miss M. to the Summer festivities once more, and she couldn't have been happier! I must say, I had a pretty fun time myself;)

With Love,


Stephanie said...

Only Miss M, a pink boat, and a rooster ride could make a stinky carnival fun. :) Love the pics, LJ!

Becky said...

Fun, I haven't been to a carnival or the fair in decades!