Monday, August 8, 2011

Girls Camp

I had a nice time at Girls Camp. It was short and sweet for me, but I'm grateful I was able to go be with my girls even just for a short time. Preparing for Camp as a leader gave me a great appreciation and understanding for the purpose of Girls Camp. For some girls it's their only opportunity to hear the gospel and feel the spirit. It allows them the chance to be surrounded by righteous leaders who have strong testimonies and are examples of virtue and light. It takes them out of the world and allows them to be in a still and quiet place; a holy and sacred place like unto the temple. It opens their hearts and blesses their lives in powerful ways. Perhaps not every girl needs to learn how to tie knots or start fires without matches, but we all need a chance to feel God's love.

Returning to Camp Shalom was good for me. Even humbling. I wasn't a camper growing up and camp was rather difficult for me. We had a small ward and I never really felt that I fit in. The other girls all loved camping and were there with sisters and mothers. I didn't have any experience outdoors and felt uncomfortable and homesick. I haven't really recalled camp with much fondness. Upon returning to those familiar sites again, I remembered the things I had enjoyed there as a youth. Happy memories came flooding back and I recalled positive experiences I had obviously chosen to forget. I remembered those who sought to befriend me and thoughtful gifts from leaders. (Only now do I know how much time, effort, and love must have been put into them) I remembered how much I loved the little animals and the beauty of Shalom. I remember taking countless pictures of the trees, lake, and little animals. I may have been teased about it back than, but I owned this time;) I can now look back at girls camp and see the immense good in it.

The Lord loves his daughters... this I know.

With Love,

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Whitney said...

I'm glad you had a nice time! I was seriously thinking about you all weekend!