Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Perhaps the local city carnival ferris wheel wasn't quite as charming as the one I visited in Paris, but you know what, it still made me feel rather happy! What is about a ferris wheel that makes all of your problems simply float away in the clouds? Somehow time stands still with every turn of the wheel, and in that moment I am perfectly content to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Sometimes I get my head stuck in the clouds dreaming about another place and time, but the people and life I love so much here and now always bring me back. There's nothing quite like daydreaming about the lovely streets of Paris, but life here in my own little part of the world is just as wonderful!

With Love,


Whitney said...

I LOVE THIS PAGE! So beautiful, my friend! I wish we lived closer so we could scrapbook together!

Stephanie said...

I want to go back to Paris! :)

Lynley Jill said...

I wish I could scrapbook with Whitney and shop/take pictures with both of you in Paris!!