Wednesday, September 21, 2011

San Salvador, El Salvador Temple Dedication

THIS is why we went to El Salvador. I've been to many beautiful places, but there is simply nothing that compares to the loveliness of the temple. When I go to the temple, I'm filled with greater peace, hope, and gratitude. I see things more clearly.

Living in Utah, it SHOULD be easy to attend the temple as often as we would like, and yet for some reason it's often a challenge to "find" the time. While visiting the members in El Salvador, I saw their faith and dedication to temple work. I was humbled and inspired to do better. They can "find" the time to work in the temple every single morning before a day's labor. It is no small sacrifice to pay the bus fare or walk the many miles to attend the temple, and yet they are more than willing to do so, happy even. President Eyring, who dedicated the San Salvador temple said it so beautifully here.... the temple is a witness of our faith.

“It is my prayer that the temple, when it is finished, will bring increased faith and dedication to those that will be blessed to enter there. I pray that families will be inspired to live together in peace and with respect for each other. As they do, I promise you harmony and peace will spread across this community and this area as the Spirit of the Lord is invited into our hearts, our lives, and our homes.”

Attending the San Salvador, El Salvador Temple Dedication was a deeply spiritual experience, and my heart was touched for the better. We went to the local stake center to view the broadcast with the saints. I felt their faith and commitment, and it strengthened mine. After viewing the broadcast we went to the temple grounds and spent the afternoon there while two more sessions of the dedication were taking place. I truly felt that we were standing on holy ground. It was a beautiful day.

I was blessed to feel a strong connection to my dear Nana and Papa Haycock every time I set foot on the El Salvador temple grounds. Papa attended many temple dedications with the brethren and I knew that he was there. The tropical climate of El Salvador reminded me so much of Hawaii, the land my dear grandparents served in and loved so deeply... Feeling their presence there, after experiencing a week of of culture-shock and homesickness, was a true tender mercy.

We were privileged to be able to attend the temple a few days after the dedication. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Our time there was precious and my heart was deeply touched. I know the temple is the house of the Lord. I believe temple work is the answer to our problems, the key to our happiness in family life, and the surest way back to our father in Heaven. As I sat in the temple in San Salvador, El Salvador I came to a realization... THIS is why we are here.

With Love,


Stephanie said...

So beautiful. The pictures and your post brought happy, thoughtful tears to my eyes, LJ. Thanks so much for sharing!

Whitney said...

Beautiful post, Lynley. This IS why we are here. So well said. I have so enjoyed hearing about your special experiences. I always learn so much from you!