Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flying Cows and Golden Tickets

Mauri wasn't too interested in looking at the camera. Can you blame her? There were ducks and geese roaming about the lake shore! She wanted to catch a fish and splash in the water too! Oh, and Uncle Danny may have told her there were flying cows in the sky to try and get her to look up for a picture. She never did see them, though... Poor little thing just wanted to play! She's always good at reminding me to be a little more carefree and silly! She helps me remember to be happy now, she's a little golden ticket.

Oh I sure do love that little girl!

With Love,


Stephanie said...

I cannot get over how sweet Miss M looks in these pictures! I love the little hand over her mouth -- too, too cute! She is a golden ticket indeed, and all 5 petals on the forget-me-not. :)

edmund said...

Nice picture. Lots of people are reading your blog because we can learn something from it.

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