Monday, September 26, 2011

Picture Perfect

Last night I took a little photo shoot for Jeni and Jason's cute little family. My old "frenemy" MR. PERFECTIONISM came for a visit too. I tried to send him away, but he's a stinker you know, once he shows up, he's hard to get rid of. Group photos always come with a handful of challenges...

Someone won't smile.
Someone's a blinker.
Someone cries.
Someone spits up.
Someone's done with it all before you get "that PERFECT shot"

I left feeling rather discouraged and disappointed in myself. I was sure that if I was a better photographer I could have controlled all of these things with ease. If I was more like this or less like that I would have left with loads of beautiful photos for them to ooh and aah over... The truth is, I get really stressed out trying to worry about the lighting, exposure, posing, and making everyone smile all at the same time. I've felt rather unsuccessful, artistically and otherwise, lately.

 I think President Uchtdorf's talk, Five Things to Forget Not, at General Relief Society Conference was just for me. The Lord wants me to be much more gentle with myself. It's not all about the picture perfect end result... the beauty really is in the moments along the way. In the midst of all those artistic challenges I saw a beautiful family. I saw a little girl who has so much enthusiasm for life--why stand still when there are so many amazing things to see?! I saw a mother and father who love their children dearly. Even if they are slightly blurry, these are the pictures worth taking...

Did I get that perfect shot in the end? The one with perfect lighting, flawless composition, and everyone smiling directly at the camera, probably not... but I think I got a few of the shots that actually matter.

With Love,

PS: Today my dear friends Whitney and Spencer are asking for a little help spreading the word about their journey to adopt. Please take a moment and look at their sweet adoption profile and blog. Let them know you are keeping them in your prayers! These two are going to make the greatest parents, and I just can't wait to see their miracle unfold. Let's all spread the word and help them find their baby!

Here is the link to Spencer and Whitney's adoption profile:

And here is the link to their adoption blog:


Whitney said...

I think these photos are precious! They will treasure those for years to come! And thanks so much for sharing our adoption information! We are so grateful for your help!

Stephanie said...

I love these pics, LJ -- I can't believe how grown up Miss M and Blinks are there! You are so good at the candid shots and at capturing the feeling/emotion of the moment, not "just" the perfect picture. Well done!!

I love Whitney & Spencer's adoption blog. They really will be the best parents ever. :)

Jeni C. said...

We love the pictures Lynley! In the end, it's the moments of life that matter more than the perfect appearance of things. The pictures reflect our lives right now so well - an independent two year old, a four month old who loves to look at whatever his sister is doing, and two parents who are trying to keep it all together. :-)