Monday, November 21, 2011

Festival of Trees

I've been a busy little elf working with Danny's mom and sisters on putting together a display for the Festival of Trees. While brainstorming about our tree I came up with the design for a "Burlap and Lace Christmas." I found lots of great inspiration ideas online, and we put our own spin on each of them. I think at first everyone was a little unsure about putting burlap on a tree, but they kindly went along with the idea;) I knew burlap and lace were a big trend in interior design and thought it would translate nicely into a Christmas display. Sure enough, it seems to be the trend of the season. We've even seen burlap used on the main tree displays at several home decor shops. Everyone has been busy doing their part--sewing, crafting, painting, etc. I sure have a talented family!! I think it's really coming together nicely!

Danny's mom made a beautiful burlap and lace ruffled tree skirt (she altered the instructions a bit, but the originals are found here). She used vintage lace from old table clothes and curtains. It's absolutely stunning!!  I'm hoping to find time to make one for our tree too! Jill made three beautiful burlap stockings and I helped her embellish them with my handmade flowers (instructions found here). Jenee wrapped the gift boxes in beautiful brown paper and we embellished them with my handmade flowers, doilies, and others little bits left over from the tree. Leisel made the lovely glittered ornaments with vintage sheet music and the darling lace ornaments trimmed with holly berries. We've all worked together to dress up the tree and it's nearly complete! Danny's mom purchased the entry table at Hobby Lobby and Danny and I refinished some thrifted doors to match. The doors will be a backdrop dressed up with a custom garland and Jill's stockings. They aren't quite done, but you get the idea... I think everything is coming together beautifully! If you live in Utah, you should check out the Festival of Trees and see it all put together in person! Our tree will be auctioned off and the money earned will go to Primary Children's Hospital. Once it's all put together I'll get a complete picture, but I thought it would be fun to post a few of the details along the way!



Stephanie said...

I love it -- burlap and lace is such a very happy Lynley sort of idea. :) The rustic vintage feel is amazing -- someone will have a very happy Christmas with that lovely tree in their home. You all did an amazing job@

Brett said...

That looks amazing Lynley! It is a very vintage type of Christmas tree. It makes me think of the early 1900s where gifts were wrapped in burlap and plain brown paper. I love it!