Friday, November 18, 2011

La Libertad, El Salvador

One of my favorite moments in El Salvador was visting a little fishing/surfing town called La Libertad.  Granted, it smelled like fish, and wasn't a sandy beach like the one we were searching for, but it sure was beautiful, and had a charm all its own. The local fishmongers sell their goods and park their boats all along the dock. Because the coastline is so rocky, they use a crane (run by a bus motor... just like the carousel in Izalco) that raises and lowers the boats into the water. We got to see the last boat of the evening being raised up onto the dock. It was pretty cool, though I question the safety of it all.

This was my one of my happiest picture-taking moments of the trip. Oh how I wished I had my nicer camera! So many lovely details to capture along the dock. I adore the photos of the aged El Salvadoran fisherman (images 8 and 9). He was in the boat that we watched being raised onto the dock. There were a few people I just couldn't resist snapping a photo of on our adventure...He was one of them. His wrinkles tell the story of a hard-working life. Something about him made me want to know his story. Had he spent his whole life out on that dock, like the young children I saw working too? I imagine he must have known the hardships of war and poverty. He exuded wisdom and fortitude... for some reason, he just stood out to me. Taking pictures of perfectly posed fashionable people is fine, but I like a picture with a story so much more!! Behind every one of us is story to be told... telling that story is what makes me happy behind the lens.

With Love,


Stephanie said...

I love the way you can see into the souls of people and places with your camera, LJ! These pictures are so amazing!

You have captured the stark beauty of the seaside so beautifully. I love the pics of the fisherman too. You really do wonder what stories he had to tell.

Becky said...

These photos are fantastic!