Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ride Through Life With You...

I think a bicycle-built-for-two may just be a must-have for every marriage.
I highly recommend it.
It's a hit around our neighborhood! Lots of couples have asked to borrow it for date-night. 
People can't help but smile at you when you ride by on a happy yellow tandem like ours.
We got it for a steal on (from a local celebrity no-less)
I'm not as active as Danny, but it's something we can do together, at an easy pace. 
We have to work together, and the bike can only go as fast as the slowest peddler (that would be me)
I'm rather sad about the onset of such chilly weather. No more bicycle rides until Spring. 
There's no-one I'd rather ride through life with than my Danny. 

With Love,


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Brett said...

Love it!

Jeni C. said...

Those Johnsons always did love riding bikes! :-)