Friday, November 11, 2011

11 on 11/11

Yesterday I tried to do the ten on ten challenge, but the day just didn't really allow for a lot of picture taking moments. Today I thought about doing something clever to celebrate 11/11, but that didn't exactly come to fruition either. No big deal. In honor of one of my favorite times of the day/days of the year, here's a look at 11 real life moments in the last 24 hours.

1. Playing in the leaves with Miss M and Dolly
2. She's a trendy little tot with her colored jeans
3. I was about to get attacked by a big handful of leaves...
4. In the drive-through for a Wendy's potato
5. Two trips to target in one day. (purchased and returned one puppy santa-suit and puppy puffy vest... Sadly, both were too small)
6. Taking pictures of neighbors rustic home when someone walked out the door. Awkward.
7. Setting sun: AMAZING
8. Dolly's favorite ball. She even chooses it above the ones that still bounce. (it's well loved)
9. Miss Doll Doll Doll with her Ball Ball Ball. Yes, I say that all the time.
10. Doll Bear with her ball in and the amazing sunset
11. At exactly 11:11 today I indented to take a self-portrait... but somebody needed to go potty. And that pretty much takes precedence over all else.

Happy 11/11!


Brett said...

I was going to say that Santa needs to bring Dolly a new basketball for Christmas, but apparently she's got a little bit of President Kimball in her. She has other balls, but likes the one with a hole in it. :)

Stephanie said...

Haha -- Brett is so right!

Love the fall pictures, LJ. I'm getting ready to upload mine too -- can't wait to share.