Friday, December 30, 2011


Looking to create softness and sparkle I took these pictures out of focus. I like them so much better than those shot in perfect focus. This is not to say that having a sharp focus isn't generally a good thing, but now and then you have to be willing to make adjustments to get the shot you want.

With the new year comes a sense of resolution to regain focus and improve our lives. For some reason I'm resisting the usual desire to make a lengthy list of goals. I guess right now I just feel like I need to focus on following God's plan for me, instead of telling him where I think I should be in the next 12 months. He knows my dreams, hopes, and desires... and he has a plan for me. I feel inspired to just be still for a while, and let him lead me. So, this New Years my focus isn't on the usual list of things to do, but in aligning my will with that of my Father in Heaven. I'm hoping the picture at the end of the year will be in good focus, but not without a bit of sparkle and charm.

With Love,

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Becky said...

Great minds think alike. This week I have tried on several occasions to write out goals for the coming year. Each time I have struggled to write the things that I think I need to work on. I finally decided to limit it to two items that will hopefully bring me closer to Christ.