Thursday, December 29, 2011

A New Normal

When you're little, everything about Christmas is magical. Then you start to grow up and things change, (grandparents pass away, family members move/marry, etc.) but you find a "new normal," and learn to love it too. A few years pass and it's time to change again. I guess I'm just in that stage of adjusting to a "new normal." The holidays weren't bad, just different. It's interesting to realize that when I was little and Christmas was magical to me, it may have still be evolving into a "new normal" for my parents. I realized this year that Christmas is always going to be changing a bit. We can hold on to our memories, but not every tradition can stay the same. Families grow, life carries on, and things change. Hallmark said it best this year, "Traditions are not for keeping, they are for keeping us together." Danny and I are creating some of our own traditions now, and doing our best to combine those that we grew up with into a way that works best for us.

Growing up and adjusting to new traditions isn't always easy. Even still, we had a truly wonderful Christmas. Maybe a little of the childhood magic was missing, but the grown up Spirit of Christmas was purer than ever before. My heart was turned to the Savior, and in the end, that's what Christmas is really about.

With Love,


Jeni C. said...

Very nicely stated! It sounds like a great idea to hold onto the past & the ways we've always done things, but the reality is, life doesn't allow us to do that, and in the end, we are better off with the changes that come our way. :-)

Stephanie said...

This new normal takes some getting used to, eh? Thanks for reminding us that we can use these new traditions to add to what we've known in the past, not necessarily to replace it. Love you!!!