Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello Dolly

It's been a while since I indulged in some puppy love photos. Oh I just love that little face so much!! Miss Dolly is quite interested in helping us decorate for Christmas and insists on wearing her holiday sweater, though it's a bit snug. She especially likes to stand on top of the couch, lean as far as she can reach towards the bookshelf, and peek in the her stocking to see if Santa's left her anything yet...

Today I'm busy working on too many projects-- Sewing, crafting, photographing, editing, and scrapbooking our December. More December Daily pages and some Christmas creations to share soon!!

With Love,


Brett said...

Dolly looks so cute in her snug little sweater!

Stephanie said...

I love Doll-Bear! I had to smile when I heard her barking in the background as I talked with Mom and Dad a little while ago. :)

What size sweater does she need? Santa might want to find her something when he shops for Sookie and Cat-Carlie.

Lynley Jill said...

:) She's so cute isn't she?! She wears a large now. Target only seems to have up to medium these days. Perhaps Santa knows where they carry her size;)

Stephanie said...

Doll Bear is adorable!! I honestly can't decide which pic is my favorite. Can't wait to see her -- and you guys, of course -- soon!

Santa is going shopping today and will let you know what she (haha!) discovers.