Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Sunny Day Story

It's officially winter and although we haven't had much snow, I'm pretty much ready for Spring... sigh. So, today I felt like sharing a sunny day story. (Not pictured, Miss M. taking the popsicle from her mommy in the first place.) Love the story these shots tell. Oh boy, Dolly sure was due for a haircut back then!! These are the REAL stories. Nothing posed, nothing contrived, just real life moments! Oh that sunshine and those little faces sure make me happy!!



Stephanie said...

I'm ready for a sunny day too! Even though we're in the South, it's still gray and dreary right now. *sigh*

Is that a Pace's popsicle? Man I wish we had those out here!

PS I love Doll Bear's shaggy look. :)

Brett said...

I remember that incident. :) I can't tell from the picture whether Dolly was happy with the cold prize or not. Of course it was food, so she was going to eat it regardless, but she looks a little uncertain as to what she was supposed to do with it.