Tuesday, March 6, 2012

El Salvador Restaurant

Little did I know that when Danny took me to the El Salvador Restaurant on our second date (nearly five years ago) it would become one of my favorite (and only) places to eat out. (It's very GF friendly as everything is made with corn instead or wheat.) Honestly, I was not impressed with that first taste of El Salvador, but fast forward five years and now I can't get enough of this place! They make pupusas like the ones we ate every single day in El Salvador. Pupusas are basically thick homemade corn tortillas filled with beans and cheese. Because I can't have dairy, I just get mine with beans. They are so delicious and filling! We also enjoy ordering the fried bananas and beans--it may sound odd, but they are really good!

The El Salvador Restaurant is anything but fancy, but the food is very delicious and satisfying! I guess it just goes to show that sometimes you have to try something more than once before you can really make any opinions about it. The food, decor, and ambiance are all a little taste of El Salvador, and now I see why Danny loves it so much!

The El Salvador Restaurant is located on Center Street in Provo across from the Covey Center for the Arts. You should give it a try sometime... maybe twice;)


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