Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scrapbooking A-Fair: Only at the Fair

This page documents this blog post, here, where I wrote about all the silly things we observed at the fair. Oh, the fair is a wonderful place for people watching! People do such amusing/embarrassing things in public! (ie: drunk wheel-chair races around the ferris wheel.) Somehow the state fair seems to attract many of the same characters who wander around Walmart for fun on a Saturday night--like the clever teenagers following us around the other night asking for a quarter or $90.00. Nevertheless, we like the fair, and Walmart too, for that matter. I like to think we're just spectators though. Perhaps my next page shall be entitled "Only at the Walmarts..." (They call it "the Walmarts" in the south.) Classy.

I'm quickly filling an album with pages about our adventures at the fair. More to come soon...



Stephanie said...

What you say is SO true, LJ. There is something both sad and creepy about "the Walmarts," especially late at night! I count it as a mark of true love that I went there one night last week to buy thread so that I could sew patches on my hubby's Scout uniform.

Stephanie said...

P.S. I think I should get a merit badge of my own for that adventure!