Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project Life: April 1-8

I started Project Life and loved putting little bits and pieces together throughout the week. I'm keeping it simple and reminding myself that there really aren't rules--there aren't any scrapbooking police waiting to tell me that I didn't do this correctly;) The main point is to document the everyday details, the little moments that I might have otherwise forgotten. I already take so many pictures, it's nice to print them and document them immediately. I'm sure some of the photos will end up on traditional 12x12 layouts as well. I'm loving using the Instagram and Hipstamatic camera phone Aps for this project, as it allows for a more real look at life--the moments when I don't happen to have my DSLR with me.

Danny and I enjoy watching a local television show where the host randomly knocks on doors and tells the story of whomever opens the door. Inevitably, the person featured always says they don't really have a story, but in the end they do--and their story ends up being beautiful. After watching a recent episode, Danny looked at me and said, "What story do you think would we tell?" Such a thought provoking question. I hope this project helps us tell our story a little better.

PS: If you take a look, you'll see some details about my new scrapbooking business collaboration;) I'm so excited about it!! I'll share more on that later... Also, I added the little flag to cover the name of my friend's baby--as she hasn't announced it herself. I think I'll be adding a lot of hidden journaling or blurring things out here and there for privacy sake.

Also, the "currents" thoughts on the edited photo of me were inspired by Tina Aszumus of who posts the most clever little "currents" lists weekly on her blog.


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Becky said...

I love it! I'm really enjoying the Project Life process. It is interesting to see what comes when you are weeks into it.