Thursday, April 12, 2012

When Skies are Grey

Today it's rainy and grey outside, and my heart's a little sad about some things... they say those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. I could use a little sunshine in my soul today, so here's a sunny picture from earlier this week. What do you do to feel a little sunshine when your skies are grey?

With Hope,


Sabrina S. said...

Hi Lynley,
I've been following your blog for a while and I felt compelled to (finally!) come and leave a comment today. When I feel blue, I leaf through some scrapbooking albums of mine or magazines, listen to some soft music and try some relaxation. If you feel sad, what about writing what's on your heart? That's something I do and it usually works. Sometimes, I'll shed a few tears along and I'll feel lighter in matter of minutes.
Hope you feel better soon.
For what it's worth, I send you a huge cargo of sunshine from Bordeaux, France.
Sabrina S.

Lynley Jill said...

Thank you! I left a comment on your blog too, but just had to thank you for your sweet sunny words! They have brightened my day so much!! You've inspired me to sit down and really write about the things that are hard right now...

Lovely knowing that some blessed sunshine is coming straight from such a kind soul in own of my favorite places!


Stephanie said...

Sabrina's words are very wise, LJ. I don't know what I might add except this . . .

I have found myself thinking about the songs "Count Your Many Blessings" and "Master, the Tempest is Raging" a lot lately. When I am feeling sad, alone and confused, their words have brought me great comfort.

You might also enjoy this little thought that my friend Melanie shared with me last week:
J = Jesus
O = Others
Y = Yourself

Love you!!!

Laura Nielson Baxter said...

Seeing things with fresh eyes is what rejuvenates me the most: I go to a place I haven't been to before to soak in a new perspective (literally) of what feels too familiar. Sometimes that means sitting in a spot on the couch I don't normally sit, or sometimes it means going to a different end of the valley. I watch our tiny world buzzing about from a mountainside vista, or hang upside-down or lay on my back to remind me of how fascinating everything in our world really is. It's hard for me to stay gloomy when there are so many exciting new things calling out for my attention.