Monday, June 4, 2012

A Child's Prayer

A few weeks ago while tending Mauri I witnessed the sweetest demonstration of childlike faith. After doing something that she knew wasn't right, she promptly knelt down to say a prayer for help. Her sweet and simple prayer touched my heart.

"Dear Heavenly Father, up in Heaven, I made a (mis) stake. I made a big stake. I wasn't very nice. I'm so sorry. Please Heavenly Father and Jesus, up in Heaven, please help me to be nice..." and she continued on to close her prayer.

With a child's faith she quickly apologized and happily moved on with her day. She knew that praying for help would make her feel better. She understood and applied the deepest gospel truths with sweet sincertiy.

I've been pondering on that little prayer for some time now. I've even borrowed it a few times. It says everything so perfectly and simply. We all make "stakes" sometimes. Heaven knows I sure make plenty of them. The trick is learning to humbly ask for help, make things right, and than move forward... I sure am blessed to have such good little examples in my life.



Stephanie said...

What a little sweetheart, and, what a wonderful example of faith. She knew that saying a prayer would help, so that's what she did -- no questioning, no procrastinating, no over-thinking the situation . . . she just did it!

I think we could all work on applying the Mauri Principle to the 'stakes in our lives!

Can't wait to partake in some more Mauri-isms when I come out for a visit on Thursday!!

Jenee said...

That is so tender and a great reminder. It isn't easy admitting you make "stakes" or that you need help to overcome something, but if anyone can help us make those "stakes" right and help us overcome it's Heavenly Father and our Savior.

It's amazing to me that we sometimes learn more about the simple truths of the gospel from the little ones than we do from those we think are "wiser" because they've been on this earth much longer.