Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Instagram VS DSLR

Plenty of people out there a quick to say that Instagram/point and shoot photos aren't "real" photography, but I think you can create great shots no matter what kind of camera you use. For a long time I loved photography, but didn't feel like my pictures were good enough because I didn't have a "grown-up camera." I believe you don't need fancy equipment to be a great photographer! Of course I love the quality of images I can get with my "grown-up camera," but I've learned to embrace all of the photos I take, even just with my camera phone. I love the fun filters and convenience of Instagraming, but also love the endless effects and control I have when shooting with my DSLR. Two very different approaches to photography, but I enjoy them both!

The first shot of the Vegas skyline is a camera phone shot with an Instagram filter. Nothing technical, nothing fancy. The second, is a straight out of camera (unedited) shot from my DSLR.

Instagram filters have a dreamy feeling and can really make a simple photo pop! Of course the quality of the image is more pixelated, and you lose the ability to manually control the exposure, but with an eye for composition, and a simple filter, you can really make a great looking shot! Easy... Snap a photo, choose a filter, and voila!! You've got a great photo!

Shooting manually with a DSLR allows you the freedom to control everything about the frame. I love the crisp image and even lighting of the Vegas skyline. I love knowing that even if the sun has started to go down, or I want to focus in on something specific, I can make it happen! I'm still learning lots of tricks and techniques, but I'm getting better at knowing exactly how to create the shots I want! I love that feeling!

I like both of these images! No reason to disregard the instagram because it isn't "professional." Grab your phone, point and shoot, or DSLR,  and take a picture! Step back and take pride in your work!!

PS: Now that I'm almost done with my first 50 big page album for Peachies, I can print some photos and start scrapbooking our California adventure!


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Stephanie said...

So cool! Maybe you can give me an Instagram lesson while I'm in Utah this week? :)