Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scipio Zoo

Our first stop along the way to California was at the Flying J rest-stop in Scipio, UT. To our great delight, just outside the gas station was a make-shift petting zoo with an odd assortment of animals. You know, the regular... a few goats, some baby sheep, an ostrich, an ornery zebra, and a fuzzy alpaca.

Recognizing that the petting zoo was a bit, um, unkempt, I kept a healthy distance from the animals. Danny, on the other hand, happily reached in to pet the zebra like he would a horse or cow. He quickly learned that even at a petting zoo, zebras don't like to be bothered. Who would have guessed that our adventures would begin so early? Not too many people can say that they were bit by a zebra along the roadside in Southern Utah. (Although we later learned of another person who was recently bit by the ostrich there too.) I'd say the Scipio Zoo is a must-see stop along the way to your destination... but go at your own risk.

Secretly, Danny loved that zebra bite! He wore it like a badge of honor all throughout our trip;)



Tessa said...

Lol- that's a great story!

Ali said...

We saw that zoo on the way to San Diego for choir tour! Despite the fact that I don't like goats, the baby ones melted my heart! So cute. I loved the fact that there was that fun little zoo in the middle of nowhere. :)


Stephanie said...

I was secretly hoping the zebra bite would make it into your blog! :) The bite/"not responsible for bites sign" pic is priceless.