Thursday, September 6, 2012

From the Archives: Along the River Seine

Thought I'd share a few more lovely shots from Paris. The photographer in me today looks at these photos and wants to see so much more; to explore some of these shots in greater detail. I think about what lens I'd use here, and what time of day I'd want to shoot there... Someday, I hope I'll get a chance, but until then I sure can daydream!

If you could go anywhere again, where would it be? The list is so long for me...



Stephanie said...

These shots are so lovely! Knowing I was right there with you when you took them makes me smile. :)

Paris is definitely on my "go to again" list, as is Lone (always!!), Italy and Hawaii. That's the condensed version. Wanna' come?

Stephanie said...

Lone? How about London!! Please to excuse my typos . . . . it's been a rough day. :)