Tuesday, September 4, 2012

From the Archives: The Louvre

In my last post (and a hundred others) I mentioned my love of Paris, and how I long to go back. I realized that I started this blog some time after my travels to Paris, and that I haven't actually shown any photos here (shock!) from our adventures. I WISH WISH WISH I had owned my DSLR back then, but I did the best with what I had... and these photos are treasures, even despite what I might do differently now with a better knowledge of lighting and composition, and a higher quality camera.

Oh, the Louvre. I long to go back and spend more time exploring this beautiful museum and just soaking it all in. We really didn't spend a suitable amount of time there, and I regret it terribly. Just walking those hallways and setting my eyes on the paintings and sculptures I had only previously seen on postcards and in books--it was breathtaking. I really can't put into words how extraordinary it was.

I daydream about Paris. A lot. I would go back in a heartbeat. More snapshots of Paris to come. Oui Oui!



Stephanie said...

Je t'aime, Paris! (et Versailles, et Caen, et . . . . )

It's hard to believe we're coming on FIVE years since that trip. I agree -- there wasn't nearly enough time at the Louvre or the Orsay (or anywhere, really). When we go back (because our GF food might be subsidized by insurance over there, eh?), let's spend loads more time and enjoy lots of long, lazy days wandering to our little hearts' content.

Oui, no? OUI!

Whitney said...

OOOH! How lovely! May I come with you when you go please?

Stephanie said...

I think that would be fabulous! We can all shop for a beret for Mr. M. He would be tres chic, no? :)