Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BOO! A Sneak Peek

It's not even mid-afternoon yet and I already have more photos than I can possibly go through to post right now... and let's be honest, there's a whole lot of day left, so more are sure to come. I just couldn't resist posting a few quick gems though. The cutest little fairy was busy getting ready for school (side note: turns out fairy wands and wings don't fit too well in backpacks) while the happiest buzz bee and monster I've ever encountered were busy keeping watch for early trick or treaters out the window. Okay, I haven't actually encountered that many monsters, but I'm sure the three-eyed fuzzy green Lincoln Monster is the friendliest one around. Fun day with the littles!

Bee back with more later!
(Okay... so at first that extra "e" was honestly a typo, but I couldn't resist the pun.)

Happy Halloween!

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Stephanie said...

These pictures make me happy all over! :) I love seeing how the buzz bee and monster have exactly the same stance as they look out the window. And that is one adorable fairy! Can't wait to see more pics!