Monday, December 10, 2012

Flight School

Growing up whenever we'd see a flock of birds soaring in the sky we'd call it "Flight School!" I still delight in the idea of a class of baby birds out testing their wings. Such a peaceful moment caught in mid-air! I think it can be so easy to go about your own human ways and ignore the beauty of nature around us... but when we stop and take a closer look there is so much to enjoy!



Stephanie said...

I love flight school!! :) Brett might have a different POV now, what with the creepy Texas birds (just ask him!), but the idea of a flock of baby birdies out practicing their maneuvers makes me smile.

Brett said...

These birds look much nicer than the flocks of creepy Texas birds.

Stephanie said...

I figured you'd say that, Brett. :) I can testify to the creepiness of the Texas birds. Thank goodness there are nice little flocks of flight school birdies elsewhere, eh?!