Monday, December 3, 2012

Here & Happy

I am here, and I am happy! Recently these words were given to me in a sweet dream. They touched my heart deeply, as I know they came from our little one. I've pondered on those words a lot, and the message has inspired me.

Honestly, I can almost hear myself reminding this child of those very words someday down the road. "You can do this, be patient, this is where you are right now, and you can be happy. Put a smile on your face and trust in the Lord." Just the kind of pep talk my own dear mother has given me so many times throughout my life. No doubt these words will come to me time and time again when reminding myself and this child the importance of patience, faith, hope, and trusting in the Lord's timing.

I am here, and I am happy!

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Stephanie said...

Perfect message for a Monday (or any day, really!). :) Give baby loves from Auntie Steph, ok?