Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthday Boys!

Birthday Boy #1

Yesterday was a big day for my brother Brett! It was his 30th birthday and he graduated with his Masters! We had a little photoshoot Wednesday and he looked so handsome! Mauri said he was looking sharp;) I couldn't be more proud of my big brother. He is one of my best friends and biggest heros. I look up to Brett so much! He is so kind, humble, and sincere. He is also one of the smartest people I know. His quest for knowledge has always been impressive to me. In elementary school he often asked for more homework, and even did a report on how much he loved school. In a couple of months he will set off for TCU to begin his Doctoral studies. Way to go Brett!!

Birthday Boy #2

Today is my Danny's 28th birthday! For exactly two months we will be the same age... than I'll be the older woman again, and he won't let me forget it;) I hope he has a perfect day! I remember a few years ago, before we were dating, we celebrated his birthday and I forgot to turn the oven on to bake his cupcakes. The timer rang but it still didn't smell like cake...I hurried and baked them and frosted them as people were showing up for his party. The frosting on hot cupcakes was a melted mess. Another year we had a huge party for Brett and Danny with a pinata, quesadillas, and pupsas (El Salvadorian tortillas with beans and cheese). We had karaoke too... I've yet to persuade Danny to get up and sing... someday maybe. Last year we spent his birthday in El Quilite, Mexico. I'm not sure how to top that, but I will certainly try to make it a good day for him! Happy Birthday honey, I love you more!

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