Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello Babies!!

We had a great Lynley moment on our way home from Park City! As we were driving along Provo Canyon I spotted a furry little creature. We turned around and I hopped out with my camera. There by the roadside were three happy beavers! (I think these are beavers, right? Correct me if I'm wrong.) I squeeled and started making the best beaver noises I could think of... Danny reminded me to squeel on the inside so they wouldn't be scared away. Good thinking.

I was surprised because I thought beavers only lived in water. They were mischievous little babies, ducking in and out of holes just as I'd go to snap a photo... but I think they did like me a bit, because they let me get quite close and take several photos. Pehraps they appreciated my attempt to communicate with them in their own language, or they speak chipmunk... which is probably closer to the noise I was making at them;) I loved them. Thanks little guys!

With Love,

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