Friday, September 23, 2011

Not all Days are Perfect...

One of my favorite scrapbook artists, Shimelle Laine hosted a little challenge over at Two Peas (an online gallery where I post my work). Basically, she gave this title prompt for a page:

{Not all             are           .

Here's what I came up with... Not all days are perfect... but this one came close! Live in the moment everyday!

I love this picture becuase it reminds me of a near-perfect day, April 22, 2010: Danny's 27th birthday, and our daytrip to El Quelite, Mexico.  We rode a cute little yellow scooter out to the most quaint little town. I remember being a bit uneasy on the scooter at first, but thinking to myself... "This is so fun, and beautiful! I feel perfectly carefree and in love! I better stop worrying and live in this moment!"  I knew that on some less than perfect future day, I would think back and remember that blissful carefree feeling... I was so right! You know what though, I'm learning to recognize these moments in real life too, I don't have to go somewhere else to find them. They come in small and simple ways, and I have to look for them or else they'll come and go unseen...

As far as scrapbooking goes, I've been dying to mix some stripes and florals on a page... It may be a fleeting trend, but I'm gonna enjoy it for the moment;) I really do love the mixed pattern vibe right now, it kinda makes me feel dressing myself as a kid again... Does this match? No, but I'm gonna do it anyway because it makes me happy;)

With Love,


Whitney said...

I love it! It was so fun to talk to you today. I'm excited to scrapbook together!

Becky said...

The colors on this page make me happy :) Sounds like a fun challenge. I'm still working on your self-timer one, hoping to post some results soon!