Thursday, September 22, 2011

These Two...

Lynley: "Mauri, will you please smile so I can take your picture?"
Mauri: "Um... Oh, look at that butterfly over there!"
Lynley: "How pretty!! Okay, can I take your picture now?" 
Mauri: "Lynley, you sure can't get Mauri to work right today!" 

Lincoln, on the other hand, isn't big enough to run away yet... 
These two sure make their auntie happy!

With Love,


Brett said...

That conversation is just too funny! Sometimes Mauri is just too bright for her britches :). The picture is perfect too! I can't tell whether she is posing or is just amused and put out at the same time.

Stephanie said...

Oh, this makes me smile. I called Mom today and "talked" with Blinks for a while. :) Can't wait to see these little cuties again soon!