Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Is that Gluten Free for You?

Miss M. is very interested in what I can and cannot eat. She's always asking, "Is that gluten free for you?" She loves when the two of us can eat the same things, and is always disappointed upon finding out that some of her favorite foods are not gluten free. Sometimes she tells her mommy she can't eat this or that, because it is not gluten free;) As concerned as she is about my diet, she is more concerned about what kind of meals I'm making for Danny. She often reminds me that he would probably like something tasty, like a cookie with gluten in it. Ha! She's got a point! Since I help watch her most afternoons, she's always curious what I will be making Danny for dinner when I go home. She offers her suggestions when she doesn't think that the option I have planned is satisfactory. "Well, maybe he would like some Cottage Cheese instead..." Yesterday she was shocked to find out that we were having sweet potatoes and squash for dinner. She looked at me with wide eyes, shaking her head, and said, "But Lynley, that's baby food! Danny is a big boy! Maybe you could make him some noodles with meatballs, or mac and cheese instead. That would be good!"

The day she found out play-dough isn't gluten free started a whole new world of curiosity and questions. She now inquires about all of her other toys to see if they are safe for her to play with around me. She's quite the caring and curious little character!



Stephanie said...

Oh, wow! I am still giggling about the "but that's baby food" comment. :) She definitely is concerned about your diet, isn't she?

I love that Miss M. now wonders if her toys are GF and safe to use around yo u. (PlayDo isn't GF? Who knew?!! Shame on them!)

I miss the kiddos tons and wish I could spend some time with them every day like you get to -- lucky! Be sure to give them an extra hug and a big kiss from Auntie Steph today, ok? Thanks! :)

Jenee said...

That is too cute Lynley! I love how kids think. It's so cute that she is so concerned about what is safe around you, and Danny's dinners =)