Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Birthday Adventure

For my 30th birthday Danny took me on a little surprise adventure. 
We headed to the outlet store in Park City for a little photo scavenger hunt.
 We purchased a coupon book that got stuck in the machine, and Danny tried to fix it... 
 We took lots of silly pictures and had lots of fun. 
 We saw the most beautiful sunset. 
It was a perfect evening. With one more perfect surprise...
 We picked up dinner at Cafe Rio and headed to find a good place for a picnic. I was on the look out for a nice park, but Danny had something else in mind... He had already made arrangements for us to spend the evening in a lovely hotel. It was decorated like a cozy little cabin. I loved it!

My Danny put so much thought into every little detail! Gosh I'm a lucky girl.
It was a very happy birthday!


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Stephanie said...

FUN!!! Love the pic of you in the (sort of creepy) clown car. :)