Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snowy Days

That's my sweet little Doll Bear loving her some snow! (She must get that from Danny. He loves the snow--even driving in it! Silly boy.) I'm glad they can appreciate it. As for me, I'm counting down till Spring. As far as I'm concerned, nothing good comes of a snowy day. (yesterday proved that to be true) Okay, well... the snow IS really pretty and it DOES make my husband and puppy happy, so those are good things. Oh, and it makes for a some pretty beautiful photos too, but other than that...

As for yesterday's no good snowy bad day, boy oh boy did I develop a spectacular allergic reaction! The other night my eyes were bothering me and my face felt unusually sore and tender. I woke up yeterday morning with my eyes swollen shut. My face was so swollen I hardly recognized myself. I gotta say, it wasn't a pretty sight to behold. I tried to take a benadryl and stay inside, (not wanting to face the public) but it only got worse as the day went on. After a nice trip to the doctor and a lovely shot in the you-know-where, a lot of the swelling has gone down. Now I'm just sporting some fancy red racoon eyes. Hoping it all clears up soon, and that I can figure out the cause. As for now, the doctor took me off my new Fibromyalgia medication, thinking it may have been the culprit. Hoping I can find a medication that my body doesn't reject one of these days!

I blame the snow;)



Stephanie said...

I blame the snow too! I blame bad weather for lots of things. :)

At least you have a lovely picture of a very happy Doll Bear, frolicking through the flakes!

Hope you'll feel better soon!!!!

Whitney said...

Oh no! My poor Lynley! That makes me so sad for you! I hope your day gets better!