Monday, April 23, 2012

Choose our Adventure: Anniversary Date

Danny and I switch off who is in charge of planning our anniversary date every other year. (We stole that idea from my cousin, I think.) I was in charge this year, so I planned a "Choose Your Own Adventure theme. I attached several envelopes to balloons, numbered them, and placed them throughout our home. Inside each envelope was a card with a selection of choices as to where we should eat, what we should wear on our date, where we would go for an activity, etc. Danny surprised me and choose to go on our date dressed in cowboy apparel! We went to the Pizza Pie Cafe where I enjoyed the gluten free pizza and pasta, and Danny could eat all the cheese and gluten he desired.

He surprised me again by choosing to go on a drive instead of bowling or mini golf. We had a lovely drive around town and reminisced about all the drives we've been on throughout the past five years. We remembered that first drive we went on, the drive that changed it all, when I boldly admitted that I'd wouldn't mind if he asked me out. That was rather out of character for me, but somehow I was blessed with confidence and courage in those early days... tender mercy.

It was a perfect evening out and a happy way to celebrate two years of marriage and many happy adventures together.



Stephanie said...

I love, LOVE this idea! You are so creative, LJ. Maybe I should steal this idea too -- the switch off planning idea, that is, as I can't see the LtCol. dressing up in cowboy gear to go eat pizza. :) (I think we'd all pay good money for a picture of that event!)

Congrats on two years together with your Danny Boy. Love you both (and Doll bear too!)!

Kyle and Erin Sawyer said...

That is a fantastic idea. I might steal it, if you don't mind = )

Ali said...

My parents do this :)

Lynley Jill said...

Thanks Ali!! I thought I got the idea from your mom, but wasn't certain.

Everybody loves your idea Sherri and Tom!!

Sherri said...

It's been working great for us for the last 20 years! Holy cow am I really old enough to have been married for 20 years?!?!? :)